Vodka Sawa | RAMMÖ

Today we welcome a duo to the team, which knows each other almost the whole live, almost like real brothers.

Their name is based on the French word Rameau, which means olive tree branch and further is the symbol of peace. Besides their melodic electronica sounds RAMMÖ is known for its their excellent MM mix series and the minimalistic, white object artworks (which we absolutely love!). They thought of it as a nice analogy to the way they make and think of music.

It was almost 10 years ago when the two friends moved from Southern France to Amsterdam and further developed their musical profile within the vibrant Dutch music community. RAMMÖ are also co-founders and residents of the respected Dutch collective Klassified Music.

2019 will be an exciting year for RAMMÖ: one original track coming out on the next Klassified VA/compilation on Janurary 25th. RAMMÖ, by the way, will be mixing it. Further they’re about to announce gigs around the globe including an Asia tour. And there is more to come by this fantastic duo…

Please join me in welcoming the guys on board and have a sip of this fantastically deep and refined Vodka Sawa. We love its build-up and this slight touch of funk & groovyness to it.

The barkeepers

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