Nordic Mule | BYLJA

Today’s cocktail got lots of Scandinavian spirit! Danish electronica newcomers BYLJA, consisting of Marchel Mørk & Emil Aagaard, is presenting the Scandinavian version of the Moscow Mule, the “Nordic Mule”.

BYLJA is one of those acts we stumbled upon while browsing through the endless stream in the cloud of sounds. The project has just debuted in Denmark and is not yet one year old. Marchel and Emil have released one track as of today, this gem is called “LAKI”. It was love at first sight. Or, better, at first hear. The track transports such an incredible atmosphere of melancholic, ambient but at the same time uplifting melodies. It was clear we wanted BYLJA on board and we are super happy they mixed their first mixtape for Schirmchendrink!

Marchel Emil share an enthusiastic passion for electro-acoustic ambient house music, which they give a personal and Nordic touch through BYLJA. With musical inspiration from artists such as Kiasmos, Bonobo and Moderate, BYLJA moves in a world of melancholy, well thought compositions and magnificent sound surfaces. At the same time, BYLJA's sound universe has deep roots in the house music, from which they include rich bass and distinctive drums.

BYLJA's sound is characterized by a natural fusion of the digital and the analogue. Both computers and analog synthesizers, acoustic piano, guitar and bass form the frame of the duo's organic sound.

Their Nordic Mule contains fantastic unreleased productions of the duo. Can you guess where they are hidden? We are so much looking forward for those pearls to be released…and more coming from BYLJA soon!

Alright… get your mugs, have a sip of this fantastic Nordic Mule and enjoy this fantastic ride into the new week with BYLJA!

The barkeepers

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