Negroni | David Hohme

Did you know that the Negroni is the strong version of the Americano? Seems that a Mr. Negroni once asked the bartender in Florence, Italy, to spice up his favorite drink. The result was the strong aperitif without any mixers, as the bartender upgraded tonic water to gin. Quite a wise move we think!

The Negroni is David Hohme’s favorite cocktail. David does not only like strong stuff, the New York based DJ, producer and @wheretheheartis label founder also delivers it.

If you have experienced NYC nightlife the chances are high you came across the name David Hohme. His near decade residency in the thriving underground music scene has built him a reputation for bringing dance floors to life.

Hohme's unique and unforgettable sound continues to receive rave reviews at the annual Burning Man gathering, where he's played for years. The phenomenal Bubbles and Bass set of this years gathering in the dust is probably still buzzing your ears.

David released his debut single "Fear Less" on his own imprint in 2016, which caught the ear of Anjunadeep heavyweight Jody Wisternoff. It’s only logical David released his following Soft Landing EP on Anjunadeep in 2017. And there is more to come, soon…

Thank you, David, for mixing such a delicious treat, we love it!

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