Back In Fashion | Fulltone

For our first fall cocktail we’re extremely happy to welcome Cairo-based artist Fulltone to our family. He’s been on the rise (and on the Schirmchendrink radar) in the past couple of years. He has become a regular on labels such as Seven Villas or Dream Culture.

Our most recent favorite productions are Outskirts, an original release on Wildfang Music, as well as the sensational remix of Cecilia on PHCK’s Natu EP on Nie Wieder Schlafen (as heard first on Schirmchendrink, of course!).

Fulltone definitely has build a vast discography. With his astonishing effort, he has delighted the scene over night and continues to do that, with this blissful Back in Fashion, exclusively here on Schirmchendrink.

The barkeepers

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