Black Magic | KatrinKa

Wow, what a day! Katrinka serves us the perfect hot weather spirit with a delicious Black Magic cocktail. Deep, hypnotic and subtle grooves to start off this week.

Originally from Russia, KatrinKa is based in London. She’s a classically-trained pianist and began to produce in 2008, releasing her debut EP on Swedish label Spirit Soul Records in 2013. In 2013 she won a contest for producers organised by the Berlin-based label Steyoyoke. And in 2015, KatrinKa signed to London-based Chapter 24 Records.

Her signature is deep, emotive, enticing and melodic grooves. As one of Chapter 24's core artists, KatrinKa is a resident at their regular label parties and a contributor to their ever-popular 'Telling Tales' series of mixes.

While we heard several tunes of her already on this podcast, it won't be long before we see KatrinKa performing her tracks around the world. And we are looking forward to this!

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