Whiskey Sour | Madota

The Whiskey Sour is a classic bourbon cocktail that is subtly sour and sweet at the same time. Today’s bartender duo represents two different tastes as well, as their sets usually float over a different range of sounds. The result however, also true for the Whiskey Sour, is a mesmerizing experience based on magical mix of two different characters.

We’re extremely happy to introduce Madota as our latest addition to the Schirmchendrink family. Behnam and Mehran, both with Iranian roots, grew up in Vancouver, Canada. The project was born into Vancouver’s electronic music scene, and over the years the duo’s signature sound consisting of melodies with a dark melancholic touch and upbeat organic sounds evolved.

In 2017 the project “Madota” was officially born, when Behnam and Mehran moved to Berlin to bring their musical career to the next level. We think it’s going quite well as they now have their regular showcase “Pishi Circus” at Katerblau and a first release on the legendary Buddha-Bar label. And there is more to come: Madota’s first EP will be released soon on underyourskin records, another great imprint we think!

Raise your glasses to Madota’s cocktail! It’s deep and subtle, melancholic and lively, with a sensational vibe throughout the whole set.

The barkeepers

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