Pastis | Mike Tohr

Pastis is almost like a religion in Provence and especially Marseille, where its origins are, and the best Pastis is found. At apéro-time people across France drink this star anise-based liquor mixed with water, which changes the liquor’s appearance from transparent to milky.

Today we proudly announce a new sort of Pastis: it’s made in the Flemish jungle, a.k.a. Mike Tohr’s Studio in Herentals, Belgium. For those of you that participated in last week’s live session, you already enjoyed a sneak peak of this smooth and dreamy jewel.

His studio has the look of a jungle or a greenhouse, and it reflects where Mike gets inspired – out in the green. Therefore, he transformed his studio into a creative jungle by adding lots of plants to cover the usual white wall atmosphere.

Mike appeared on our radars some time back, thanks to a remix by Gab Rhome of his awesome release on Armada Subjekt called “No More Butterflies”. Since then a lot happened: Mike played some of the best venues, even the Diynamic stage at Tomorrowland! And, lots of wonderful productions followed: most recently on Tale & Tone, Einmusika and Atmosphere. We are excited to see what’s coming next!

We asked him what he loves about Pastis: “When I was young almost everybody was smoking at school, but I preferred to eat a licorice root instead. Today Pastis is one of my favorite drinks because I really love the taste of the fresh star anise in combination with a licorice root. Especially on a hot summer day it gives you a fresh taste ...”

It couldn’t be better conditions for a Pastis than today! And, for those of you trying to quit smoking, get some licorice roots! We’ll try it for sure …

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