French Gimlet | Bona Fide

Todays special, the French Gimlet, is made of Gin, lime juice and St. Germaine. It is a wonderful drink for a hot day. And it happens to be Bona Fide’s favorite cocktail. No question we have him mixing this one for you!

Bona Fide, or Marko, with his real name, lives in NYC. Originally he is from Belgrad/Serbia but came around quite a bit: he grew up in Moscow and went to college in Boston. It was in Boston where Marko first began to DJ, performing gigs at various nightclubs and soon as resident at Bijou Nightclub.

While spending one college year abroad, in Madrid/Spain, Marko got into producing his own tracks. Thanks to his experience from djaying, or “knowing what makes the people dance”, he seemed to hit a nerve of a crowd, hungry for his deep and dreamy edits on SoundCloud. It was only months later when his first official releases followed: on imprints such as 3000 Grad, Shanti Moscow Radio, Magician on Duty and most recently, in a collaboration with Germany PHCK, on Nie Wieder Schlafen.

Bona Fide, by the way, means something made with genuine intent. Something real. This applies also to his delicious French Gimlet. We love those real and dreamy vibes.

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