Palomaesque | Tara Brooks

The Palomaesque is a Mezcal-based cocktail. Mezcal is not simply an alcoholic beverage among many others, Mezcal is Mexico’s spirit and endowed with nearly magical powers. As consuming Meczal is a social act, so is listening to Tara Brooks’ hypnotizing sets.

Whether playing at an intimate club, a packed festival or a magical sunrise deep in the Playa, Tara Brooks music envelopes the crowd.

What started as a hobby in Houston’s rave scene of the 90s developed to an impressive career. Tara’s bookings have taken her all over. She is a resident at Desert Hearts, a festival in Southern California. Tara also graced the decks of Citifox LA, the BPM Festival, the famous Robot Heart bus at Burning Man. In her Hometown Los Angeles, she is a resident at Subtract Music and every so often, Tara heads to international festival such as the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia most recently.

In March 2015, Faceless Recordings released her first track 'Metanoia,' a mesmeric incursion into Deep House. In 2018, Tara is set to release more studio work on the likes of Akbal, Kindisch, Einmusika, Exotic Refreshment.

It was one of her early Robot Heart sets when Tara worked her magic on us. In her Palomaesque interpretation she went groovier and more soulful than usual, always featuring that unique Tara touch: deep driving grooves, hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies. What a treat!

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