Red Eye | PHCK

If you’re like most people (including ourselves) you may have over-indulged a little over the Easter long weekend. Instead of eating just some of the chocolate eggs, you ate all of them! And the chocolate bunnies...

Your plan now is to start your strict new diet and to go the gym five times this week and burn off all the extra calories. Or, you hit the play button, listen to our next Schirmchendrink episode „Red Eye“ by PHCK and calories will take care of themselves!

PHCK, a talented trio consisting of Paul Hoffer, Christ Kusterer and Stefan Kling, has its origins in the creative dark cosmos of Germany’s Black Forest.

Chris as DJ and Paul as a classical musician started creating music together in late 2013. Stefan, a singer a musical allrounder, joined the project in 2017 after the first successful releases on Chapter 24 Recordings, Connaisseur Recordings and All Day I Dream.

PHCK’s music is a transformation of their own emotions; a reflection of sensitivity - of love, hope, grief, reflectiveness and sometimes a cold and dark emptiness.

We have heard they are working on their first album to be released maybe this year...we can only hope this is true as we always want more of PHCK’s deeper shades and emotive electronic music! What a treat!

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