Macuá | El Mundo

Today we travel around the world – Dutch producer El Mundo prepared a phenomenal Macuá for you, the Nicaraguan national drink that is named after a tropical bird.

DJing and producing for more than 13 years, El Mundo’s music goes through the ears straight into the heart. He first got on international radars as one half of the duo with Satori, also producer and DJ also from the Netherlands.

In 2012 El Mundo took the solo path again which led him to deeper and more mature sounds. Today he looks back on releases on imprints like Bondage Music, Get Physical, Underyourskin Records, Heinz Music and is touring around the world.

As a philosophical and spiritual individual, El Mundo sees music and dancing as something worldly. He feels connected to every individual on this planet, so does he love music from all over the world. That’s why he calls himself „El Mundo“.

If you feel the tingles when listening to his Macuá, you’ll know what he means by „connection“. We totally feel you Pim, thank you!

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