Milk | Gab Rhome

Alright, Gab Rhome, you convinced us! Our livers (and waistlines) could use a cleansing break after all those delicious cocktails. Let’s cut out booze for a while and enjoy a rejuvenating and energizing glass of the earth’s most delicious, most healthy foods: milk!

Gab Rhome, born in Montréal and living in NYC, milked his favorite cow (what’s her name by the way?) on his farm to ensure today’s Schirmchendrink is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Grab a cookie and dip it into Gab’s dreamy and hypnotic vibes.

He began his musical journey at an early age playing multiple instruments while being shaped by jazz music, and it only took a few years before making a transition towards the rhythms of dance music.

Only within few years of producing Gab gained worldwide attention with releases on label heavy weights such as All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Get Physical and Last night on Earth.

His delicate melodic tech-house productions have brought him on journeys across the globe, for example to the radiovenao Gathering in Panama, where this set was recorded. As you are about to experience, a similar voyage is built during his dj sets.

Thank you, Gab, for caring about our health! And now let’s finish your milk! We can’t put it back to the cow…

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