Americano | Maga

This one is coming straight from Brooklyn, NYC: While touring in Mexico and the US, Maga took the time to mix a wonderful Americano for Schirmchendrink.

A child of the world, Born in France and currently based in Amsterdam, Maga spent most of his life travelling between cultures. He brings his influence from his time he spent immersed in various cities from Cape Town, Miami and Dubai.

His genre of music is mostly nourished by the exploration of ethnic & organic sounds.

Maga has now been producing for few years and has released tracks on Akumandra, Voyeur Music, Sol Selectas and most recently on Leveldva.

We’re totally into your spiritual and loving vibe! Have a sip and let Maga take you to a higher journey.

What a treat, this Americano!

The barkeepers

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