Frostbite | Joséphine De Retour

We’re starting the New Year with an amazingly versatile musical talent. Growing up in an environment of classical music and jazz, Joséphine de Retour absolved her education at the French Conservatoire and became a professional Pop and RnB artist.

Few years later, when she discovered the House and Techno scene, she exchanged her mics with DJ equipment and her passion for electronic music was revealed.

After spending some time in Beirut, Joséphine de Retour found Dubai as her new hometown. This is also where she co-launched an new party series, Deep Like, where she is one of the resident djs on rotation with her favorite international artists as long as being the creative director.

We’re happy to have you on board, Joséphine, and we are totally addicted to your delicious Frostbite! Mellow. Classy. Deep!

The barkeepers

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