Screwdriver | Nature of Music

Monday is our favorite day of the week as this is the day we’re able to share wonderful sounds with you! Today we have two extraordinary bartenders from Toronto, Canada, joining our team: Nature of Music mixed an irresistible interpretation of the Screwdriver exclusively for Schirmchendrink!

The talented duo a discovery we made thanks to the cloud of sounds. Months ago we came across the recording of their set at Stereo Montréal and we instantly fell in love with it. Such a beautiful build-up or in Nature of Music’s own words: it has a sense of patience that allows the music to "breathe".

This also applies for their releases on imprints such as L’Enfant Terrible, Sudbeat or For The People. And this is true for their excellent Screwdriver.
Have a sip and enjoy the mesmerizing and kind of blurry vibes of Nature of Music.

The barkeepers

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