Caribbean Cask | by Bigasti B2B Floloco

Exclusively for Schirmchendrink and for the first time Floloco and Bigasti went back-to-back. The result is a luscious Caribbean Cask - fantastically smooth, dreamy, with a nice refreshing touch and an interesting twist revealing an intense peak.

Bigasti’s signature is dark melodies and mellow beats. He is based in Belgium, has releases on labels such as Electronical Reeds and Kuukou Records and will announce his first international gigs very soon! Floloco’s home is somewhere between deep and downbeat – and Switzerland. He has a unique talent to built-up emotions in his mixes and is always striving to find new pearls in the depth of the electronic music universe.

Schirmchendrink started small in fall 2015 and quickly grew to an internationally respected electronic music podcast. Not in their wildest dreams Floloco and Bigasti imagined such a great feedback from around the globe.

Consider this a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful supporters! Enjoy this Caribbean Cask, get dreamy and escape everyday life!

The bartenders

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