Boulevardier | By MONOLOOG

In our mission to discover talents across the world of deep sounds, MONOLOOG (NL) gained our attention through his podcast series “Common Sense”. His passion for a unique melody is definitely the base in his sets where he likes to play with different genres.

MONOLOOG prepared a Boulevardier for Schirmchendrink: delicious, straight forward but not inconsequent. Someone once said it does not require a degree in mixology to mix a Boulevardier. Using this analogy for a dj set we will agree that you can easily buy and mix all “ingredients” – however, creating a set does not only include the technical part of mixing. More important is the careful selection of ingredients and the ability to create that unique flow throughout the set.

We felt that MONOLOOG is pretty good at it – what do you think?

Cheers to our newest member in the crew!
The bartenders

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