Cup of Hope - Schirmchendrink & YokoO for Volunteers for Humanity

Dear community,

What is going wrong with humanity in this world? We are shocked about the happenings in Aleppo, so broken-hearted for people in Syria and we can’t stand this awful situation of helplessness.

Together with YokoO, who joins us for this Christmas podcast, we therefore decided to raise money for urgently required medical aid supplies for people in and around Aleppo.

Berlin based DJ and producer YokoO is an incredible person and artist and we are honoured to have him on board for such an important campaign! HIs releases and collaborations on noteworthy labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde or Kindisch definitely put him in the first league of the global house scene.

Use the following link to make a donation to Volunteers for Humanity, a Swiss charity organization, which organizes the purchase and transport of the supplies to Syria. Their commitment for people in need is unparalleled! Based on voluntary service they support refugees locally and no cent is being lost in administration.

It’s time to act, dear community! People in Syria have no choice – we do! Please share this campaign and donate! Every single donation counts.
In the name of all participants of this campaign we would like to thank you for help

Yours hopefully,
The bartenders


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