Schirmchendrink #29 - Sazerac - by Mark Slee

Todays feature is the Sazerac, homegrown in New Orleans and one of America’s earliest cocktails.

It’s also the favorite Whiskey Cocktail of Mark Slee, also American and based in the wonderful city of San Francisco. His interpretation of the Sazerac is deep, smooth, sweet but twisted and spicy at the same time.

Mark lives in San Francisco and did what the majority of us dreams of: he quit his corporate life to focus on his passion, music. Definitely the right decision, as today Mark is label owner (Manjumasi Music, together with his best friend Atish), producer and a passionate DJ. Mark’s releases are published on imprimts such as LIsted, Citifox, Proton and many more. His sets have taken him far and wide, playing for audiences from Cape Town to Playa del Carmen, from Robot Heart to the Cityfox series in NYC.

We feel honored to have him behind the Schirmchendrink bar where he goes the extra-mile for the next hour. Enjoy !

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Mark Slee
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