Schirmchedrink #28 - Blue Pearl - by Timujin

No worries, you won’t feel blue after enjoying this Blue Pearl we serve you today! With its smooth and intense taste you actually feel amazing, already after the first sip!

And how could it be any different when we have Timujin behind the bar mixing this outstanding cocktail for you exclusively here on Schirmchendrink.

In constant search for new sounds, Timujin is a true visionary in his field, taking inspiration from the ethnic tunes and instruments, spiritual music and melodic vocals.

He has travelled the world and accumulated a wealth of experiences and memories, which he shares through his music, taking you on adventure across time and emotions.

An artist born on the playa of Burning Man desert, Timujin is the founder of White Ocean Community. Though the sand of the playa rings through many if his tunes, it’s the new melodic variations that don’t stop to surprise.

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