Schirmchendrink #27 - Sidecar - by Ali Farahani

Are you ready for the next Cocktail on Schirmchendrink?

We are happy to present a chilled Sidecar created Ali Farahani, a producer and percussionist based in Los Angeles, California.

Lay back and let his wonderfully mixed and smooth rhythms get you!

We are pretty sure that it is the Californian sun that is shining through the clouds here in Switzerland...

The bartenders



1. Rawi - Trying To Save Her (Original Mix)
2. Crussen - The Lambert Interpretation
3. rO (Roderic) - No Name
4. PrΛ.Λ.H - Chamada (Ninze Remix)
5. Ali Farahani - Younan (Original Mix)
6. UMOJA - La Piragua
7. Lukas Endhardt - Jalan Jalan
8. Ali Farahani - Keep Smoking
9. Emorine - Polaroid
10. Ellyn Woods - The Moon (Marc Luciano Remix)
11. Two-S - Naked Soul (Zone+ & Usif Remix)
12. Satori - Secret Places (Satori 2016 Reinterpretation)
13. Level Groove - My Religion (Original Mix)
14. Ryan Davis Music - Brun (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
15. Darko Milosevic - Thoth (Original Mix)
16. Bon Iver - Perth (Daughter Cover KRTØ's Closed Eyes Edition)

Ali Farahani
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