Schirmchendrink #25 - Martinez - by Nico Pusch

Join us for another cocktail classic, the Martinez - a drink that any cocktail connoisseur will definitely want to note!

Todays Mixologist, Nico Pusch, uses only the freshest ingredients! The result is a smooth and uplifting drink that is perfect any time of day!

Nico came in touch with music from around the world pretty early. At the age of 14 he bought his first computer and started producing his first tracks with great enthusiasm.
Today Nico has releases on labels such as Moonbootique, trndmsk or Crosswalk Records and manages to delight big crowds with his combination of emotions and minimal styles.

This is to Nico and his exclusive Mix for Schirmchendrink!

The bartenders


Nico Pusch
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