Schirmchendrink #19 - Long Island Iced Tea - by Stefan Schleich

We are back after a short summer break – and not too shabby !! Our anniversary menu in August is packed with deep and techno cocktails and we are happy to announce Stefan Schleich to kick off year number two of Schirmchendrink !

Stefan is one of the founders of KLANGEXTASE – also a podcast - with more than 5 million listeners. The project began as Stefan and friends started to stream live mixes on the Internet and turned into one of the most influential platforms for electronic music !

Stefan sees himself as „not the most diligent podcast publishers“ as he prefers to play at clubs and festivals. We feel honored he found time to mix an insanely strong Long Island Iced Tea for Schirmchendrink!

The bartenders



Reboot - Indigo Moods
Florian Rietze & Luca Musto - Glogauer
Jimi Jules - Lost Love feat. Tobias Carshey
Darkness Falls - Timeline (Tom Demac Remix)
Olaf Stuut - Shadowgraph
Reboot - Are You Loosing My Mind
Patrice Baumel - Dum Dum
Column - Hostels
Jimi Jules - Montreux
Timo Chinala - Forgotten Realms (Zusammenklang Remix)

Stefan Schleich
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