Schirmchendrink #18 - Blue Hawaiian - By Herr Vogel

Dear sun worshippers and beach lovers – summer finally arrived and we LOVE it ! Obviously, Schirmchendrink has the perfect summer cocktail for you!

Happily we announce our first Swiss artist, Daniel Vogel a.k.a. Herr Vogel, who used our cocktail shakers to mix a refreshing Blue Hawaiian !

Herr Vogel’s remixes and edits immediately catapulted him into higher levels of the international House Scene and especially into the record cases of well known DJ’s.

Besides producing, Herr Vogel’s huge passion is to play. If you had the chance to be at one of his sets you can literally feel that Herr Vogel loves to play and loves the music he plays. This love quickly takes over to the crowd and spreads over the whole venue.

Enough said - listen for yourself and join us raising our glasses for Herr Vogel, excusively here on Schirmchendrink!

The bartenders



01. Matthias Meyer - La Strings
02. Jodye - Kevin Over
03. Eskimo - Bushmills (Night Talk Remix)
04. Shit Robot, Reggie Watts - Where It’s At frat. Reggie Watts (Johnny Aux Remix)
05. SOAME - Meet
06. Several Definitions - Leave Me
07. Gorje Hewek & IZHEVSKI - Turgoyakk
08. Benotmane - Be With You (Emanuel Satie Remix)
09. Radiohead - Everything in Its Right Place (Sam Goku Revision)

Herr Vogel
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