Schirmchendrink #14 - Greyhound - By Roby Deep

We are happy to present to you our friend and truly gifted DJ/producer Roby Deep! He is based in the beautiful city of Maribor, Slovenia, and mixed a delicious but seriously strong Greyhound Cocktail exclusively for Schirmchendrink!

Roby lives and breathes music. Steering away from overplayed commercial tunes, he is constantnly discovering fresh underground sounds. He started producing quite a while ago and his discography includes releases on labels such as Plastic City, Manual Music, System Recordings, Ready Mix, Submarine Vibes, Haute Musique, the Purr, DeepWit, and many more.

Roby definitely gained our attention with his deep bomb „Going Under“, released on Submarine Vibes 2015. What a pearl ! Today we’re not going under, ladies and gentlemen, but we’re going deep! Tracks on this tape are so fresh, that we won’t be able to publish a tracklist (yet).

But please, join us for a massive shout out to all the featured artists and labels – you are a true inspiration and we are thrilled to feature you on Schirmchendrink! Panic, Spike Galarraga, Moon Rabbit, Easy Kid, About Paula, Robin & The Sidekick,Nicke, R.M.A,Juan Zolbaran, Comuno, Adrian Oblanca, Off Key, Philipp Harms, Innellea, Roby Deep, Viel, Malbeku, Personal Space, Soleid, Cyanide,Depaart, BC2 Records, ExpMental Records, Karera, To Groove Records, Joyfriend, Plastic City, The Purr Music, Submarine Vibes

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Roby Deep
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