Schirmchendrink #12 - Tap Water - By Iorie

After all these delicious cocktails we finally need a break – otherwise we’ll suffer an ugly hangover tomorrow morning...

Thankfully Iorie, a young talent from Hannover, provides us a generous glass of good old tap water – the best of all hangover preventives !! What a treat for our liver...and ears!

Already at the age of 15 Iorie started producing electronic music and he looks back to multiple releases on labels such as Ritter Butzke or Melanoia. If not producing smooth and deep vibes, Iorie is most likely playing at clubs all over Germany and Switzerland.

Enjoy this healthy and energizing glass of tap water provided by Iorie exclusively for Schirmchendrink !

The bartenders



1. Alexander Scharf - Amnion
2. Stavroz - Should've Brought an Umbrella
3. Nico Sun - Desert Bus
4. Nicola Noir - Maniac
5. Chris Schwarzwälder, Nu , Mz Sunday Luv - Choose
6. Nicolaj - Aux Figures
7. Laolu - O Fantasma
8. Kotelett & Zadak - Lucky Love
9. Bedouin - Metaphor
10. Hunter/Game - Sliver 11. Satori - Pink & Orange Sky (Just Emma Remix)
12. Annabel Lee Music – Stories

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