Schirmchendrink #10 - Campari Orange - By TH;EN

Campari orange combines a slight sweetness with an explosive taste. And we think this exactly describes the exclusive Schirmchendrink provided by the Wiesbaden (GE) based duo TH;EN !

TH;EN released tracks on labels such as Suara, Dear Deer Records and Click Records. Their track Orange feat. Teenage Mutants made it to the Top 20 Deep House charts on Beatport! In 2015 they opened the "New Basement", an underground venue in the heart of Wiesbaden. And together with Matchy and Bott, they founded the label Discow Records.

As you can see these guys are full of energy – and so is their exclusive mix for Schirmchendrink! Have a sip and get the party started !

The bartenders

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