Schirmchendrink #9 - Grog - By Rico Puestel

We got a a perfect drink to warm you up during these cold winter days: the Grog !

And there is no one that could mix a better Grog than Rico Puestel ! Based in Kiel, in Northern Germany at the Baltic Sea, where winters are long and freezing cold.

Rico started producing and DJ'ing at the age of 10. Over the years, he published massive quantities of multifaceted productions worldwide and is well known for his contemporary anthology of edits and original releases on labels like SOSO, Pimprinella orMothership/Dirtybird, his own imprint Ponsactrilau and compilation/mix-appearances on Trapez, GetPhysical or Fabric.

Now, lay back and cozy up with these warm beats provided by Rico Puestel exclusively for Schirmchendrink!

The bartenders



1. Rico Puestel - Kaufman XXII [Unreleased]
2. Alex Dimou - Your Love Is Known
3. Book of Fears - The Water Lets You In (Rico Puestel Re-Touch) [Unreleased]
4. Rico Puestel - 2 Hours And 28 Minutes [To-Be-Released on Ponsactrilau in Summer 2016]
5. Corrado Bucci - 23 Years Old (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)
6. Oscar OZZ - Black Rabbit (Rico Puestel's Black Grace Remix) [To-Be-Released on Lordag Records in March 2016]
7. Martin Waslewski - Noba
8. Seth Schwarz & Be Svendsen - The Bar Tender
9. Inigo Kennedy - Clarion Call
10. Steve Reich - Piano Phase / It's Gonna Rain (Rico Puestel Re-Touch) [Unreleased]

Rico Puestel
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