Schirmchendrink #6 - Moscow Mule - By Beta Ghosts

You don’t believe in ghosts? This is about to change – they do exist!

The Schirmchendrink team is truly happy to present Beta Ghosts, an upcoming deep house duo from Boston (US) consisting of Knowpiate and Sojourner, aka John Medeiros and Nur Tiven.

They call themselves "scary" which can only be related to their mixing and musical skillz. The duo has releases on Heart of House and Cenote Records, their current "Amana EP" just made it into the Beatport Deep House Top 100 charts!

Beta Ghosts delight us with a tasty Moscow Mule cocktail. Check out this smooth and refreshing live performance featuring lots of improvisations and original stuff! We love it!

The bartenders



1. Intro (improvisation)
2. Beta Ghosts - Crusht
3. Beta Ghosts - Humanized
4. Beta Ghosts - Amana (Cenote Records)
5. Beta Ghosts - The Cheat (Cenote Records)
6. Beta Ghosts - Gnomes
7. Beta Ghosts - Sun and Heir (Heart of House)
8. Improvisation
9. Beta Ghosts - Stream (Heart of House)
10. Beta Ghosts - Yellow light magic (Cenote Records)
11. Improvisation

Beta Ghosts
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