Schirmchendrink #5 - Cuba Libre - By Moe Danger

Who doesn't love a Cuba Libre ? You definitely gonna love this one mixed by Moe Danger!

As a life long drummer, guitarist, self-taught pianist and world traveler, Moe brings new flavour to the scene with a melodic twist on Tech House. Having an old soul but fresh blood, he is an eclectic melange of human and robot - a magician that is sure to make audiences bounce and smile for miles.

The bartenders



1. Saite Zwei - Iconoclastic (Original Mix)
2. Mr Pedersn & Phil Phonic - LowFlow (Original Mix)
3. Ferdinand Weber - What (Original Mix)
4. sascha braemer - Indian Cups (Original Mix)
5. Gunjah - Rave (Nicone Remix)
6. Claudio Iacono - Kings and Swain (Original Mix)
7. Wegert & Green - Deliverance (Original Mix)
8. Aprax - Limonera (Original Mix)
9. Daniel Helmstedt - Antiheld (Original Mix)
10. FABS# - Rainy Day (Original Mix)
11. Marek Hemmann - Infinity (Original Mix)
12. Worakls - Question Response (Original Mix)

Moe Danger
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