Schirmchendrink #3 - Stinger - By Simina Grigoriu

Simina Grigoriu mixed an uncomparably strong set for Schirchendrink!

Born in Romania, raised in Toronto and now living in Berlin, she herself is a mixture of diverse cultural and musical influences. Simina has released music with a variety of labels, including Sonat Records, Phase insance, Intelectro Vibe and Frequenza Records. Her debut album EXIT CITY was topped international charts in 2012.

While the origins of the Stinger cocktail are unclear and there are several ways to mix it, there is no doubt about the maker of this mix: take a sip and enjoy this exclusive set by Simina Grigoriu for Schirmchendrink !

The bartenders



1. Bruno Furlan - That Book (Original)
2. Nitin - Dubbed Out (Steve Rachmad Bonus mix 2)
3. Christ Hartwig - Nobody Likes (feat. Wild & Kins)
4. Format: B - Rocket Bunny (Original Mix)
5. Ramiro Lopez - Fine (Original Mix)
6. Morris - Criminal Damage (Original Mix)
7. Simone De Biasio, Danio - Fire Fight (Original Mix)
8. Marco Bailey - Frontline (Patrick Siech Remix)
9. Fractious - Black Art (Peter Bailey Remix)
10. Gaga - Savage (Gaga 2k15 Remix)
11. Dj Richie Santana - Nocturnal (Original Mix)
12. Adam Beyer - That Would Be the Sun (Original Mix)
13. Skiver - Playing Games (Original Mix)

Simina Grigoriu
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