Schirmchendrink #2 - Firestarter - By Patryk Molinari

Patryk's music is strongly influenced by the flourishing and always self reinventing Berlin night life - Patryk describes it as catchy soulful & reduced house music. He loves groovy, shaky things and I always tries to transfer that in his productions and sets. The tracks don't always have to be danceable or for the clubs. They can simply be for listening but still communicate a certain groove. Most important is that they reflect what one has felt while doing the production and it relates to oneself.

The Firestarter is a Vodka and Cola based drink with multiple additional ingredients - interestingly they often vary from bartender to bartender. You'll notice from the beginning that Patryk only used the best available tracks for this remarkable mix!

The bartenders



1. Kate Simko - Mind On You
2. Tuff Little Unit - Join The Future
3. Ame - Hydrolic Dog
4. Peace Division - Blacklight Sleaze
5. Paranoid London - Paris Dub 1
6. Hiver - Same Mistake Twice
7. Julien Sandre - Diamonds
8. Hiver - Vorticism
9. Trace7000 - End To End
10. Julien Sandre - Dirty Mind (Dub Mix)
11. Man-L - Telescopic

Patryk Molinari
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